Under the gleaming ice a beacon seen
With snow hair glowing all around her
While ocean made game of our motherland’s face
She carried us so faithfully in her embrace
As immature children we have sprung from your soil
And grown up with you among your mountains
White Kaladlit has been here from of old
To hear it in the deepest tract of legend told
And though your riches always served
our good
We long for the new forms of the world
Released from the bond of the
homeland we trust
Toward distant objects forward we rush
You grown up nations won’t you stretch out your hands
We long to follow on your tract soon
Books bring a world of the spirit for us
Where learning will prevail anew
And ignorance crush
Now it is impossible to go back to
The day when your country was inactive
Free born beings from now on we will grow
Beginning to have faith in what we
already know

The artists
David Massengill, Singing &
Maggie Roche, singing
Terre Roche, guitar
David Kumin, bass
Arranged by David Massengill &
Maggie Roche