The World


Into the world came a new feeling
Through the world goes a powerful call
By the wings of a gentle wind
It shall now fl y from place to place
Not to the sword thirsting for blood
Does it draw the human family
To the world eternally at war
It promises sacred harmony
Under the sacred sign of Hope
Gather the warriors of peace
And this thing quickly grows
By the labors of those who hope
The walls of a thousand years stand firm
Between the divided peoples
But the stubborn barriers will crumble
Knocked down with sacred love
Based on a neutral language
Understanding one another
The people will agree to make
One great family circle
Our diligent colleagues
In peaceful labor will never tire
Until the beautiful dream of humanity
For eternal good is realized

The artists
Thomas Morgan, singing, bass
Terre Roche, singing
Garry Dial, piano
Joey Baron, drums
String Orchestra, Orchestrated &
Conducted by Richard DeRosa
Arranged by Garry Dial