The harmony of Ipiranga heard
A cry from an heroic people clearly
Dazzling the sunny ray of of freedom fi lled
The sky above for all their country dearly
With a strong arm if we could attain it
This equality and pawn for
which we’re vying
In your bosom we will gain it
Liberty for everyone and death defying
With adoration now we hail our nation
Brazil has come to Earth and what
a dream of love
A ray of only happiness to render
To all beneath the sunny sky that
shines above
The Southern Cross and all its
mighty splendor
Comparing you with all the others
you appear
Arising like a giant who is free from fear
Beautiful and golden is your future
O mighty nation
But did I tell you we have only adoration
A motherland to whom we always thrill
our beloved Brazil

The artists
Barbara Mendes, singing
Terre Roche, harmony singing
Garry Dial, piano
Romero Lubambo, guitar
Oswaldo Amorim, bass
Mauro Refosco, percussion
Anne Drummond, flute
Arranged by Garry Dial