The Roches

The Roches are Maggie, Terre & Suzzy, three sisters who live in New York City. Together they have created fifteen recordings in various configurations. Whether as a trio, duo or solo, each recording is as distinct as a snowflake. They have defied definition, and most accurately their music can be called “Roche” music. Their self titled album, “The Roches” was hailed as the Best Record of The Year by the New York Times. Their children’s recording “Will You Be My Friend” was awarded The Parent’s Gold Choice Award. “We Three Kings”, a collection of Christmas and Holiday songs is a perennial favorite in households all across the United States and overseas as well.

The Roches performed for twenty years as a trio throughout Europe and the United States in a wide variety of venues from their own sold out show at Carnegie Hall to the concert halls of Europe and the street corners of New York City. They appeared on The Tonight Show, The David Letterman Show and have sung with Philip Glass, Paul Simon, Laurie Anderson, The Indigo Girls, Loudon Wainwright and Linda Ronstadt just to name a few. They’ve written music for TV and films and were even drawn as cartoons for Steven Spielberg’s Tiny Toon’s series.

In the nineties they expanded to pursue solo projects. These projects include Terre’s stunning “Sound Of A Tree Falling”, Suzzy’s bittersweet “Holy Smokes” and “Songs From An Unmarried Housewife and Mother” (Album of the Week, New York Times). As a duo, Maggie and Suzzy created “Zero Church” (at Harvard University) the highly acclaimed, unusual collection of prayers which was also produced at St. Ann’s Warehouse in New York with dancers, puppets and a multitude of musicians and singers. Maggie and Suzzy have recently released a smart and hearty set of songs “Why The Long Face” in keeping with their long tradition of original thought and close ethereal harmony. As the Washington Post wisely noted, “The sisters still have a lot to say.”

After ten years of collaborating with other people, studying, experimenting, doing and undoing, they decided to see what would happen if they got together to create new songs. They started by going out on the road, reconnecting with their fans who come out of the woodwork to hear them sing. The result was a 2007 CD called Moonswept, an album about love, growing up and surviving.