Terre Roche

Terre RocheTerre Roche was born in New york City in 1953 and spent her growing up years mainly in New Jersey. She began playing the guitar at age eleven when her older sister Maggie was given a guitar for Christmas and the whole family learned to play folksongs from Laura Weber on public TV. Maggie and Terre formed a singing group as teenagers and were discovered in Greenwich Village by the legendary Dave Van Ronk, known among other things for his very generous support of emerging young artists.  Dave’s wife Terri Thal began to manage Maggie and Terre.  She booked them into the Greenwich Village clubs where they were discovered by an agency which sent acts to colleges around the USA.  Terre left high school in her senior year and they travelled all over the country for the next 2 years.  Back in New York, they met Paul Simon who signed them to a production company he was starting.  Paul took them under his wing, having them sing on his record “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon”. He was responsible for Columbia Records releasing their first album “Seductive Reasoning” (1975) on which he produced a track.  Feeling ill at ease in the high-powered music business with little formal training, the two teenagers retreated to Louisiana where they lived in a Kung Fu Temple and took waitress jobs.

Several years later they returned to New York and along with their sister Suzzy began to sing Christmas carols on street corners.  When Christmas was over, they kept going, making up songs and beginning to play in the clubs.  Crowds came first, then record companies with offers to sign the group.  They chose to sign with Warner Bros.  Someone brought Robert Fripp to see The Roches at a club and coincidentally he approached Warner Bros. about producing their record.  An unlikely match, this resulted in The Roches, their first album as a trio.  The New York Times named it Album of the Year in 1979, giving a big lift to their budding career.

The Roches have gone on to issue 12 more cd’s.  They have been a favorite on the concert circuit for 30 years.  They’ve appeared on many TV shows and different cd projects (see roches.com for discography).

Terre went back to school and got her music degree in 1995.  She teaches guitar in New York City.  In 1998 she released “The Sound of A Tree Falling”, a collection of her original songs played by herself.

Terre and jazz pianist Garry Dial have been collecting and collaborating on arrangements of national anthems for the past 17 years.   It has been a labor of love, working with musicians from all over the world whom they have met here in New York, resulting in “Us an’Them”.

Website: http://www.roches.com/terre