Grace Cosgrove

Grace Cosgrove grew up with music in her heart and a song on her lips. When she visited her grandmother’s apartment in Queens, New York she would head straight for the intercom used to communicate with the building’s doorman and belt out her version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” or “My Ship.” She doesn’t remember how old she was but says she “could barely reach the buzzer.” She would just press the button and sing away. The doorman was her first audience…lucky doorman!

Choice of material, thoughtful juxtaposition, timing, and aural acuity are all the ingredients that you will find in a Grace Cosgrove performance. When you hear Grace sing, you hear her range, her sense of dynamics, delivery, and control which all reflect years of hard work. Even more significant is the depth of her emotional sensitivity and her gift for expressing a song’s meaning in subtle yet powerful ways. She sings straight from her heart.

Grace found herself attracted to storytelling at a very young age. She shared this need to communicate by singing in churches and other venues around her hometown. By age 19 she left New York for Los Angeles and became a background singer in the recording studios. Eventually, Grace returned to New York and began performing in front of live audiences.

Respected critic Bob Harrington of the New York Post described one of Grace’s shows as “so creatively conceived and fascinatingly juxtaposed that it approaches performance art….a unique presence…she’s challenging, intelligent and enormously entertaining…Grace Cosgrove doesn’t defy being categorized, she transcends it . A short time after this review Grace won her first Backstage Bistro Award – an award tradition founded in large part by Harrington.

Grace made New York her home and went on to produce and sing on many commercial jingles such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, Nestles and General Electric. But singing and performing weren’t enough for Grace. The ‘storytelling bug’ began to evolve and took Grace in a rather uncommon direction. She dedicated herself to learning the highly technical craft of moving picture and sound editing and took her storytelling to another level. She has edited commercials, documentaries, and shows for Prime Time television. She has also worked as a film/documentary producer and director.

By night Grace is a singer of song and by day she works behind the scenes making films and television shows. For Grace it is all about expression, vision and truth. There are no rules in terms of style or choice of material. For Grace, the only voice she hears is the one guiding her to sing and tell stories that are true to her heart.